Ballet is an important part of a dancer’s overall training as it is the root and foundation of all other dance forms. 

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Ballet Class

Ballet is a core element in our studio’s training producing dancers who are recognized on a local, regional, and national level for their strength and exquisite technique in ballet. Believe us, it shows! In ballet class, students will be instructed on proper body placement, balance, flexibility, alignment and technique achieved both through barre and floor work. 

Taught multiple times each week depending on the specific class, ballet placement is by skill level, not age. Dancers under the age of 6 should enroll in the Toddler + Children's Combination class before enrolling in Jazz.

Pointe Class

For dancers en pointe, our new Pointe Class focuses exclusively on pointe work while increasing strength and developing a foundation to progress on pointe. Two classes are offered: one for dancers who are just learning the basics of pointe work and a second for older dancers who have been en pointe for several years.

Annual Recital

Unique to a studio that doesn’t train exclusively in ballet, Center Stage produces a full-length Ballet Production every other year featuring ballet students of all ages. On the opposite year, students will perform in an annual Ballet Showcase in the spring.





Dancers enrolled in ballet classes perform in an annual Ballet Showcase held each April.

Ballet Faculty




Additional Ballet Faculty

Kerri Deschler, More To Come


All students must have proper ballet attire in order to take class. Socks will not be permitted. Legwarmers and cover-ups may be worn to the studio, but should be removed before starting class. Your child’s class uniform will also as his or her costume for the Ballet Showcase. Care for leotards by hanging to dry. (Please note: New tights and shoes may need to be purchased for the recital). 

All of the following items can be purchased at Dance Gear, our on-site dance supply store:

  • Class Leotard- Please visit Dance Gear for a list of which style and leotard should be worn for your specific class level.
  • Tights- Capezio Ballet Pink Transition Tights must be worn under the leotard and over the feet. Can be rolled up off feet, ideal for quick class changes. Please have a couple pairs so they can be laundered regularly.
  • Shoes- Pink Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Technique Shoe. Elastics must be sewn, not tied. Drawstrings must be knotted and tucked under. Please see any of the ballet faculty if you have questions.
  • Shoes (en pointe)- Determined for each specific dancer. See a member of the faculty or stop by Dance Gear to schedule a custom fitting
  • Boys- Tights in black, no biker or gym shorts. A quilted dance belt. Black canvas split-sole ballet technique shoes. A plain white, black or grey tank top or t-shirt with a snug fit.

In addition to the required class uniform, all students need a Thera-band and a back-up clothing kit (brought in their dance bag to class each day)  and a water bottle.

A hair kit is required for the ladies consisting of all the essentials to do hair properly for ballet- a brush or comb, hairspray, elastics, bobby pins, clips, etc. Hair should be worn in a ballet bun that is neat, tight, and secured with bobby pins. No bangs.