Set to today’s upbeat music, Hip Hop is a popular dance style rooted in the commercial entertainment industry and seen in music videos and concerts, commericals, movies, and sporting events.

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Hip Hop Class

In hip hop class, students learn a series of fun, energetic steps set to age-appropriate music and movement. Teaching rhythm and coordination, students will be challenged to think on their feet while enjoying a fast-paced dance class popular with both boys and girls. 

Breakdance Class

Evolving from street dance, Breakdance consists of classic B-boy and B-girl moves such as the top rock, footwork and freezes. Breakdance is a popular dance style that uses a lot of personality and is often distinguished by its “freestyle” (improvisational) nature which is explored in class in a fun and encouraging environment.


Dancers enrolled in hip hop and breakdance classes perform in an annual spring recital held each May.

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Appropriate attire for both boys and girls is encouraged including tank tops or t-shirts paired with loose fitting sweatpants, shorts, or similar workout-type clothing. Recommended footwear is a supportive athletic shoe or high-top.  In addition, girls' hair should be pulled off the face and secured. Please bring a water bottle to class.