Jazz dance is a beautiful and compelling art with a variety of genres. Students are taught appropriate technique while exploring modern, lyrical and contemporary styles to express feeling and movement. 

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Jazz Class

Jazz classes consist of unique moves, big leaps, and multiple turns. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet as it encourages grace, balance, and muscle control.

Taught once or twice weekly, dancers in jazz classes are placed in an appropriate level by skill, not age. Dancers under the age of 6 should enroll in the Toddler + Children's Combination class before enrolling in Jazz.

Turns Class

Offered separately, turns class focuses specifically on turns, leaps and other skills across the floor. Separate emphasis in just turning and leaps will complement the movements and choreography taught in jazz class.

Contemporary Class

In a weekly contemporary class, advanced dancers over the age of 13 are taught a new choreography phrase each week helping students to learn how to pick up new movements quickly, express themselves, and improve their performance technique.

Pre-Teen Jazz Class

Tailored to the specific skill set and needs of those newer to dance and starting jazz a little older, this class helps tackle the technique needed to transition into one of our Jazz-level classes. A key focus includes instruction on flexibility training and the movement of jazz. With sensitivity to the feelings of new dancers, this class provides a comfortable atmosphere for uninhibited learning while developing a passion for dance!

Stretch + Strengthen Class

Flexibility and strength are an integral part of a dancers training and when done correctly, can help build a foundation for success. In this weekly class students are instructed on stretching to increase flexibility and strengthening to prevent injury.



Dancers in regular jazz class perform in an annual spring recital to be held each May.

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Girls should wear form fitting attire to class with the appropriate foot attire per age. Younger dancers wear jazz shoes or Foot Undeez while older students dance barefoot. Please no socks.  Hair should be pulled off the face and secured. Boys attire consists of a tank top or fitted shirt with athletic shorts with jazz shoes or bare feet. All jazz items and shoes can be purchased at Dance Gear, our on-site dance supply store. In addition, please bring a water bottle to class.