Results: Jump Dance Convention

Congratulations to our Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior, Junior Ballroom A and Rip Squad company members on an awesome week at Jump in Provo on February 20-21, 2015. Some of our dancers enjoyed their "first" convention experience and it was fun to see them soaking in all the classes and opportunities!

Here are the results from the competition portion of the weekend:


Best in Studio Award

Holland: Teen Company

Director Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

Choreography Jaci Royal

Best of Jump

Best of Jump (Senior): Black Lake

Director Jill Johnson

Choreography Talia Favia

Best of Jump (Teen): Holland

Director Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

Choreography Jaci Royal

Best of Jump (Junior): Resolution

Director Afton Wilson, Samantha Williams

Choreography Jessie James

Best of Jump (Mini): Reminder

Director Chelsea Casper

Rip Squad

Director: Chaz Bodily

  • Who Gonna Stop Us (1st Place Teen Hip Hop, 2nd Place Teen Extended Line)

Junior Ballroom A

Director: Afton Wilson

  • Because We Can (1st Place Teen Specialty-tie, 1st Place Teen Extended Line)
  • Sail (1st Place Teen Specialty-tie, 3rd Place Teen Production)

Senior Company

Director: Jill Johnson

  • Black Lake (1st Place Senior Jazz, 2nd Place Senior Group)
  • The Weight (1st Place Senior Line)

Teen Company

Directors: Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

  • Holland (1st Place Teen Lyrical, 1st Place Teen Line)
  • Evergreen (1st Place Teen Contemporary, 2nd Place Teen Line)
  • Echorus (1st Place Teen Ballet)
  • Schubert Impromptu, Jamie Bacon (2nd Place Junior Solo)

Junior Company

Directors: Afton Wilson, Samantha Williams

  • Resolution (1st Place Junior Lyrical, 2nd Place Junior Group)
  • We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes (3rd Place Junior Group)
  • Beat Down (1st Place Junior Hip Hop, 3rd Place Junior Line)
  • You Make Me Happy (1st Place Junior Musical Theater)

Mini Company

Director: Chelsea Casper

  • Serenade Romanize (1st Place Mini Ballet)
  • Not About Angels (1st Place Mini Lyrical, 1st Place Mini Line-tie)
  • Reminder (1st Place Mini Line-tie)
  • DJ Ease My Mind (2nd Place Mini Line)
  • Open Your Eyes (3rd Place Mini Group)
  • Boogie Shoes (1st Place Mini Tap, 3rd Place Mini Extended Line)
  • Hanging By A Thread, Zoe Ridge (2nd Place High Score Solo)


  • Mini Female Jump VIP Winner: Brightyn Brems, Zoe Ridge
  • Mini Female Jump VIP Runner-Up: Bryten Belka, Brecklyn Jensen, Makeila Lawrence, Adrianna McCarter, Gianna Wittwer
  • Junior Female Jump VIP Runner-Up: Abby Dayton
  • Teen Female Jump VIP Winner: Jamie Bacon, Stephanie Sosa
  • Teen Female Jump VIP Runner-Up: Jensyn Black, Holly Boots, Hannah Henderson, Kenedy Kallas, Mindy Platt, Rozlyn Reese
  • Teen Male Jump VIP Winner: Ezra Sosa
  • Teen Male Jump VIP Runner-Up: Braxton Hew-Len, Jacob Murillo, Andres Penate
  • Senior Female Jump VIP Winner: Lisa Lindsay
  • Senior Female Jump VIP Runner-Up: Candice Parry, Mikayla Scoresby, Isabel Velazquez
  • Senior Male Jump VIP Winner: Jeremy Platt
  • Senior Male JUMP VIP Runner-Up: Jared Cary, Vince Castillo, Tristen Sosa
  • Tap Scholarships: Brynn Belka, McKenzie Brotherson, Kayden Dayton, Gabrielle McCarter, Kennedy Miller, Rachael Miller
  • Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical Scholarships: Makai Black, Dylan Cary, Kaitlyn Harber, Ava Spencer
  • Hip Hop Scholarships: Lauren Grundmann, Jaidyn Harrington, Kate Spencer
  • Musical Theater Scholarships: Julia Dall, Mikey Gardner