Results: NUVO Dance Convention

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Congratulations to our Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior, Junior A/Showcase Ballroom and Rip Squad company members on their astounding results at our last regional competition of the season, NUVO in Salt Lake City on May 8-9, 2015.  A big thank you especially to our awesome directors: Jill Johnson, Sam Williams, Afton Wilson, Chelsea Casper, and Chaz Bodily!

Here are the results from the competition portion of the weekend:


Studio Pick Award

You + Me: Teen Company

Director Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

Choreography Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

Best Nu Group

Best Nu Group (Senior): Black Lake

Director Jill Johnson

Choreography Talia Favia

Best Nu Group (Teen): You + Me

Director Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

Choreography Jill Johnson

Best Nu Group (Junior): We Watched the Clouds Form Shapes

Director Afton Wilson, Samantha Williams

Choreography Alex Blitstein

Best Nu Group (Mini): DJ Ease My Mind

Director Chelsea Casper

Choreography Jessie James

Production Number (all jazz company members)

Director: Jill Johnson, Sam Williams, Afton Wilson, Chelsea Casper

  • Uptown Funk (1st Place Teen Production)

Rip Squad

Director: Chaz Bodily

  • The Ladies (3rd Place, Teen Group)
  • Don't (1st Place, Senior Extended Line)

Senior Company

Director: Jill Johnson

  • Black Lake (1st Place Senior Contemporary, 1st Place Senior Group)
  • The Weight (1st Place Senior Line)

Teen Company

Directors: Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

  • You + Me (1st Place Teen/Senior Jazz, 1st Place Teen Extended Line)
  • Holland (1st Place Teen/Senior Lyrical, 1st Place Teen Line)

Junior Company

Directors: Afton Wilson, Samantha Williams

  • Adagio for 8 (1st Place Mini/Junior Ballet)
  • We Watched the Clouds Form Shapes (1st Place Mini/Junior Lyrical, 1st Place Junior Group)
  • Hunger of the Pine (1st Place Mini/Junior Contemporary, 2nd Place Junior Group)

Mini Company

Director: Chelsea Casper, Samantha Williams

  • Work It (1st Place Mini/Junior Hip-Hop)
  • DJ Ease My Mind (1st Place Mini/Junior Jazz, 1st Place Mini Line)
  • Reminder (2nd Place Mini Line)
  • Angels (1st Place Mini/Junior Specialty, 3rd Place Mini Line)


Breakout Artist Winners

  • Mini Female Breakout Artist Winner: Bryten Belka
  • Junior Female Breakout Artist Winner: Gabrielle McCarter, Abby Werner
  • Teen Female Breakout Artist Winner: Jamie Bacon, Cassidy Forsyth, Kenedy Kallas, Alexis Warr
  • Teen Male Breakout Artist Winner: Andres Penate, Ezra Sosa
  • Senior Female Breakout Artist Winner: Isabel Velazquez
  • Senior Male Breakout Artist Winner: Jeremy Platt, Tristen Sosa

Die Hard Dancer Winners

  • Die Hard Dancer Winner (Travis Wall's choice): Jaidyn Harrington
  • Die Hard Dancer Winner (Denise Wall's choice): Holly Boots
  • Die Hard Dancer Winner (Stacey Tookey's choice): Sage Swenson

Breakout Artist Runners-Up

  • Mini Female Breakout Artist Runner-Up: Brightyn Brems, Makeila Lawrence, Kennedy Miler, Zoe Ridge, Kate Spencer, Gianna Wittwer
  • Junior Female Breakout Artist Runner-Up: Anika Baker, Abby Dayton, Brynlee Prince
  • Teen Female Breakout Artist Runner-Up: Chelsey Carlson, Hannah Henderson, Mindy Platt, Stephanie Sosa
  • Teen Male Breakout Artist Runner-Up: Braxton Hew-Len, Jacob Murillo
  • Senior Female Breakout Artist Runner-Up: Lauren Grundmann, Kaitlyn Harber, Candice Parry
  • Senior Male Breakout Artist Runner-Up: Jared Cary, Vince Castillo

Class Scholarships

  • Standout in Tap: Adrianna McCarter
  • Standout in Jazz: Jensyn Black, Makai Black, McKenzie Brotherson, Julia Dall, Brecklyn Jensen, Kaylee McSeveney, Maddie Porter, Rozlyn Reese 
  • Standout in Ballet: Annie Openshaw, Mikayla Scoresby
  • Standout in Hip-Hop: Brynn Belka, Jon Dall, Kayden Dayton, Mikey Gardner, Rachael Miller