We won "Studio of the Year," 2019



Congratulations to our company dancers, directors, and families who recently competed at The Dance Awards in Las Vegas and won the coveted “Studio of the Year Award” for 2019. And thank you to the producers, faculty, and judges at The Dance Awards and Break the Floor Productions for the opportunity to represent our studio with this prestigious award.

The Studio of the Year Award is given to a studio that demonstrates excellence in dance education throughout a variety of dance styles and age divisions. Studios competing for the Studio of the Year Award must enter a routine in each of five categories including tap, hip hop, ballet, jazz or contemporary, and specialty (Center Stage competes ballroom) in both the mini/junior (ages 9-11) and teen/senior (ages 12-18) age categories. These selected routines compete during the regular Finals Competition at The Dance Awards and then the studios with the five highest combined scores (The Top 5) move on to re-compete all 12 routines during the Studio of the Year Dance-Off. At the Studio of the Year Dance-Off. It’s a high-energy, thrilling competition that brings out the best-of-the-best dancing from across the country year after year.

Did you know? Not only did Center Stage take home this coveted award in both 2012 AND 2019, we’ve placed in the Top Five studios each year we’ve competed from 2014-2018! (In 2013, we weren’t eligible to compete for the award having just won it the year before. And in 2020-2022, we’ll take a pass due to new rules requiring that studios wait three years before competing for the award again.)