Results: 24Seven Dance Convention

Our Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior Company members hit the ground running with our first competition of the 2015 season at 24Seven Dance Convention in Salt Lake City on January 30-31, 2015. Classes were taught by Danny Wallace, Francisco Gella, Twitch, Sonya Tayeh, Jess Hendricks, and Brooke Pierotti.

It was thrilling to see the teams perform their dances on stage for the first time this year! Congratulations to all the dancers and their directors on their hard work.


Studio Showcase Award

Echorus: Junior, Teen and Senior Companies, Choreography by Francisco Gella

11 O'Clock Numbers

  • The Weight, Senior 11 O'Clock Number (Dir: Jill Johnson, Chor: Jaci Royal)
  • Echorus, Teen 11 O'Clock Number (Dir: Jill Johnson + Hannah Reid , Chor: Francisco Gella)
  • Adagio for 8, Junior 11 O'Clock Number (Dir: Afton Wilson, Chor: Francisco Gella)
  • Open Your Eyes, Mini 11 O'Clock Number (Dir: Chelsea Casper)

Senior Company

Director: Jill Johnson

  • The Weight (2nd Place Senior Line, Stop the Clock Award)
  • Work Song (3rd Place Senior Line, High Gold)
  • Both Sides Now, Alexis Warr + Tristen Sosa (1st Place Senior Duo/Trio)

Teen Company

Directors: Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

  • Echorus (1st Place Teen/Senior Ballet, 1st Place Teen Extended Line, Stop the Clock Award)
  • You and Me (1st Place Teen/Senior Jazz, 2nd Place Teen Extended Line, Stop the Clock Award)
  • Holland (1st Place Teen Line, Stop the Clock Award)
  • Evergreen (3rd Place Teen Line, High Gold)
  • Other Worldly, Kenedy Kallas (1st Place Teen Solo)
  • What If I, Hannah Henderson (3rd Place Teen Solo)

Junior Company

Directors: Jill Johnson, Samantha Williams

  • By Your Side (1st Place Junior Duo/Trio)
  • Adagio for 8 (1st Place Mini/Junior Ballet, 2nd Place Junior Group)
  • We Watched the Clouds Form Shapes (3rd Place Junior Group)
  • Resolution (1st Place Mini/Junior Lyrical)
  • You Make Me Happy (1st Place Mini/Junior Musical Theatre)

Mini Company

Director: Chelsea Casper

  • Open Your Eyes (2nd Place Mini Group)
  • Work It (1st Place Mini Line)
  • Reminder (2nd Place Mini Line)
  • Not About Angels (3rd Place  Mini Line)
  • Boogie Shoes (1st Place Mini/Junior Tap, 2nd Place Mini Extended Line)


  • Mini Female Non-Stop Dancer Winner: Brightyn Brems, Kate Spencer
  • Mini Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up: Bryten Belka, Makeila Lawrence, Adrianna McCarter, Kennedy Miller, Rachael Miller
  • Junior Female Non-Stop Dancer Winner: Abby Dayton, Abby Werner
  • Junior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up: Anika Baker, Brynn Belka, Gabrielle McCarter, Brynlee Prince
  • Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer Winner: Kenedy Kallas, Alexis Warr
  • Teen Male Non-Stop Dancer Winner: Ezra Sosa
  • Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up: Jensyn Black, Holly Boots, Cassidy Forsyth, Jaidyn Harrington, Hannah Henderson
  • Senior Male Non-Stop Dancer Winner: Vince Castillo, Jeremy Platt
  • Senior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up: Lauren Grundmann, Kaitlyn Harber, Lisa Lindsay, Candice Parry, Isabel Velazquez
  • Senior Male Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up: Tristen Sosa
  • Tap Scholarships: Jamie Bacon, Brecklyn Jensen
  • Jazz Scholarships: Julia Dall, Maddie Porter, Mikayla Scoresby
  • Ballet Scholarships: Makai Black, Lindsey Boots, Chelsey Carlson, Bergen Hart, Paige Osmond, Zoe Ridge, Gianna Wittwer
  • Hip Hop Scholarships: Braxton Hew-Len, Rozlyn Reese, Moses Ruiz, Stephanie Sosa