Tumbling and acro skills foster physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance and control through tricks and skills that compliment a dancer's regular repertoire.

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Tumbling Class

A popular class for ages preschool through young adult, Tumbling Classes help students progress through a variety of skills beginning with cartwheels, handstands, and back walkovers then move on to master more thrilling tricks like back handsprings, aerials, back tucks and passes as their skills improve. Taught by an experience gymnastics coach with classes developed specifically with dancers in mind, students can apply the tricks learned in their Tumbling Classes  to their dance routines.

Acro Class

Acro Dance builds upon many of the skills learned in tumbling and applies them artistically, through music, to the dance repertoire. Advanced tumblers will learn more intricate tricks, balancing, and contortion skills and will execute these skills with exquisite grace, confidence, and control.


Dancers enrolled in the tumbling and acro classes will generally perform in an annual spring recital to be held each spring (generally in May).

Tumbling Faculty





Both boys and girls should wear comfortable dance attire that allows for maximum flexibility. Hair should be pulled back. Class is conducted in bare feet. Please also bring a water bottle.